Rock and Boulders

Rockworx have a number of quarries around the Queensland region and produce a range of rock and boulders for the construction industries.

  • Granite rock – a large range of rock products suitable for rock walls, gabion walls, stone pitching, rock retaining, natural rock material and boulder walls
  • Crusher Dust – typically a range of mixed sizes of crushed rock and used primarily in road construction, paths and driveways. Generally used for under slab, sub base material, fill compaction material, sand and slab preparation
  • Aggregates – range of course stone and rock materials used for drainage applications. Product range includes gravel, gravel products, 5mm, 10mm, 20mm, 40mm. Used for driveways, pathways, landscaping, stormwater, revetment and creek treatment
  • Road Base – range of aggregates for the road construction industry. Also used in paths and driveways and other compaction applications
  • Bush rock – our range of porphyry bush rock from our Queensland quarries are perfect for landscaping products, landscaping rock, rock walls, gabion walls and boulder walls

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